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September 08, 2006


Ray Lee

Not every incident or adversarial event in which some participants are female and some are male occurs BECAUSE some are female and some are male. Sometimes, its just a clash. The ongoing HP scandal appears to be just a clash. Further, if the gender of the players were reversed (a male Chairman ordering up the private phone records of female Directors/reporters while investigating a leak), one can only imagine the gender based outcry.


I'm confused. When Fiorina was chased out of HP, all the media accounts gave Dunn the main credit for the ouster. Professor, do you understand that to be the case, and if so how does it affect your analysis?

E.C. Jordan

My post says:
"Is it too simple to assume that both women in this dispute were aligned with each other? Would your analysis change if the two women at the heart of the dispute were in fact corporate antagonists? "

Yes, Dunn is widely cited as a factor in Fiorina's ouster. So, Does that mean that neither was the subject of a gender-related escalation of corporate conflict?

The only other person now being mentioned as a candidate for dismissal in this imbroglio is the HP general counsel, also a woman.

It's probably just a coincidence that the only actionable incompetence in the company happens to come from three women.


Also contra E.C. Jordan, the HP Board of Directors has asked Director George Keyworth (the leaker) to step down. He's refused, and under Delaware law the Board cannot fire him. (Only the shareholders can). However, the Board can refuse to nominate Keyworth for reelection when his term expires, and the Board has indicated that they will do just that.


I hereby withdraw my previous comment regarding George Keyworth, and I repeat my earlier request that it be deleted. Professor Jordan and/or the owners of this site have chosen to censor my opinions, and while that is their right, I would prefer that my ideas be expressed here in their entirety or not at all.


This site censors? Well so much for creating deliberative spaces on the internet. I recommend the University of Chicago Law School Faculty blog, they are a bit better about these things.

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